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All About Me...

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My love of performing began with my very first solo at the age of six - Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree. Little did I know that a song written in 1932 would spark a life-long love of vintage music.  


I’ve always had a love of singing and performing, and along the way have managed to study piano and drama to Grade 8. I even took on a stint at RADA, where I was told: “No reason not to be working on the West End.”

Taking a different direction, a career in travel beckoned, while I continued to appear in musical and theatrical productions.  


I do love a good musical - and favourites range from many of the Fred & Ginger and Doris Day iconic Hollywood movies; not forgetting the exceptional talents of Judy Garland, performing alongside the likes of Mickey Rooney and Gene Kelly.

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A few years living in New York revitalised my love of the Great American Songbook, and along with having parents who lived through the 1940s, who shared their stories, it all added to my love of the old, timeless classics, whilst being influenced by a time they lived through - a time when women were suffering hardship on the Home Front, yet knew how to look stylish with a bit of lipstick, donning a hat and gloves, and putting the world to right with a good old singalong.

Yes, I know we’ve heard it said before… but I do truly believe the old ones are the best.

My favourite songs: Over the Rainbow, Just the Way You Look Tonight, April Showers - and lots more! I like to perform songs which I consider are timeless classics and which feature in my vast (and ever-growing!) repertoire of vintage songs. 

Vintage songs often appeal to all ages. A few years ago, I was booked to sing musicals at an event, and a fashionable young lad asked me if I knew anything from a more modern musical. I asked perhaps Phantom or Wicked? – both I can do on request and he replied: "No, I’m thinking Chitty Chitty Bang Bang...” The 1964 musical had just been brought back to the West End - I had to smile!  With the aid of modern technology, I found him some lyrics, and we sang a lovely duet, bringing the house down and a standing ovation from his table of a dozen friends!

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